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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  August 18, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-11 news at noon, in hd. >> heavy rain brings flooding and traffic to a halt in many areas this morning. this live picture shows the conditions are lingering. the afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. most of us woke up to the pouring rain. what is in store for the rest of
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the dead let's check in with -- and the rest of the day? let's check in with sandra shaw. >> there is a lot of energy developed along the stalled frontal boundary. it has dumped all lot of rain. it is heaviest around ocean city. around baltimore, is tapering off. look at the totals. almost two inches over the last 12 hours. almost two inches in the northeast corner of the state. more than an inch and a half is the general accumulation, with more on the way. the national weather service has issued a flood watch. it will persist over night. it encompasses baltimore county and all of our area as to the south. i have more on when we can expect this to come -- to clear
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out. >> thank you. you can always follow the forecast using our interactive radar. it is on the homepage of our website. one severe weather hits, we invite you to share your severe weather pictures. go to charges have been filed against a man officials say shot and killed a siberian husky. keith shepherd was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty. investigators say the police officer claims he shot bear bear after he and his german shepherd were attacked by the dog. we will have the latest on the story tonight, at 5:00 p.m.. three remain in custody accused of raping a 12-year-old girl at biscuit works state ranks -- as
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it works for this roller rink -- a skateworks roller rink in woodlawn. >> she said two suspects dragged her into a storage room, including the oldest suspect, a 24-year-old forced her to perform oral sex on them. she says the rape stopped when they heard someone coming. >> the young lady put her clothes back on, located two off-duty police officers, who were working at the skating rink, and reported the three suspects. >> family members of kadeem santiful and tracey hankins, the two teenaged suspects, did not come to their door. the victim leaves across the street from davon perry. we all need to be warned about
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things and people in our neighborhood, and be aware. police say david. works as a volunteer -- st. davon perry worked as a volunteer. skateworks roller rink officials told us yesterday but that they pride themselves on providing a safe environment for their customers. jennifer franciotti, wbal tv 11 news. >> more formation of a unique approach to fight crime by city leaders. the city housing commissioner alongside the mayor announced tuesday it the intent to revoke the operating licence of the madison park north apartments, citing murders, and drug activity. they say the site is dangerous consistently. it is getting mixed reaction to it >> if it means getting us out of here saw the violence stops.
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i'm for it. >> what can we do? were we to take our kids? >> official said the los angeles based company that owns the complex was done little to reduce the crime. the search continues for a suspect in a double shooting in west baltimore. baltimore police say the gunman opened fire just before 2:00 a.m.. a 21-year-old man was hit as he tried to run in a way, and a 27- year-old man suffered a wound to the head. there is no word on their condition. there was a dramatic police chase through the streets of baltimore yesterday afternoon, with police pursuing a stolen vehicle and a 1200 block of park avenue. the juvenile driver was arrested. u.s. combat troops continue to
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draw down -- a suicide bomber killed 61 people on tuesday. the attack raises serious questions about the ability of iraqi forces as americans head home. we have more from washington. >> in iraq, a dichotomy of images, from troops on their way home -- >> we're going home, looking for to the reintegration with our families and communities. >> to those that will never see families again. >> what crime did those people commit? it is the government's mistake. >> a suicide last killed at least 61 people on tuesday. it is a reminder of how vulnerable are rocked's security forces still are, just weeks before the combat mission ends. >> the problems in that country are severe, but the potential is very great.
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>> on tuesday, the u.s. ambassador to iraq insisted the drawdown is on track. >> the roll has appropriately shifted from combat operations to and advise and assist role. >> 50,000 troops will remain to train security forces. >> it represents the end of chapter -- seven years of war in operation iraqi freedom. >> for those here, it hardly looks like the war is over. the leader of u.s. troops into iraq says it could be another three to five years before we know if the war was successful in bringing stability to the middle east. >> here, at home, commercial fishermen are reporting good news. since the fall season began, shrimpers have indicated their catch has been plentiful, and free of oil, although scientists say much of the crew remains
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below the surface. there is anxiety whether zero -- over any -- over whether anyone will buy the seafood. >> unless you read the heads of the shrimp, there is absolutely no chance of contamination. >> overall, the louisiana seafood industry generates an estimated two $0.4 billion a year. hundreds of thousands of cars are on the recall list a sweet deal has travelers seeing blue ridge of high air fares in the to act on. first, a partial victory for former illinois governor than white jurors say it was difficult to reach a decision. >> kids, your buds
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> former u.s. senator ted stevens will be laid to rest in alaska today. hundreds of people lined the streets yesterday as his body was taken to where the service will be held. he is laying in repose. he was the longest serving republican in the u.s. senate. he was among five people killed in a plane crash on august 9.
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he was 86 years old. one day after handing down a verdict, jurors enough rod blagojevich corruption trial are speaking out. they returned a decision that was a partial victory -- a mistrial on all but one count. the jury failed to agree that he tried to sell the senate seat, but found him guilty of lying to the fbi. >> i did not lie to the fbi. >> the major flaw was the complexity of the case -- the amount of the permission that we had to digest. >> prosecutors say they're planning a retrial. the defense says they will appeal the one conviction. nearly one-quarter of a million suv's are on the recall list. if you're about to hit the mall, you might want an alternative. what you can find at your local
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thriftshop. >> we are tracking heavy rains. another batch is on the way. i will break it down for you. right now, it is only 70 at the airport. 71 downtown.
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>> 243000 sport utility vehicles are being recalled by general motors. they say the safety belts in the 2009 and 2010 crossover suv 's could appear to be latched when they're not. they say there are no known cases of crashes. owners of these vehicles will receive a letter in the mail, later this month, in the
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meantime, learn more about the recall by visiting the ad are all of the back-to- school shopping. stores will get you in the door, but when it comes too close for your kids, you might want to hit the thrift store first. >> stephanie looked through the racks of children's clothes at a nearby goodwill store. she is a recent convert. >> we came here one day. it was just unbelievable what we found. we just kept coming back. we are addicted to it. >> planning parents can dress their kids here at a fraction of the full retail. >> in a regular store, this would be about $50. here we get it for $2.99. >> in tough times, a trip to the fabrice tourre makes a lot of sense, especially for backup -- a trip to the thrift store makes
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a lot of sense, especially for back-to-school shopping. >> with everything for the little girl, to the teenager. >> backpacks are on display. name brands are selling and designers. >> names like true religion. >> the one thing is that you cannot be guaranteed you'll find except we what you want, but what you find will be cheaper than retail. >> you really have to shop the racks. that is where you find great deals. >> that is where we find stephanie. when she say this is the place for back-to-school? >> absolutely. you can find anything here. you would be crazy not to put >> you cannot beat those deals. offer anat again, unlimited flights.
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the past a small dog in just two days. you better act now. travelers can choose between two options -- 4 $499, you will get it 30-day pass to on limited -- for unlimited access. a 679 $9 pass will get unlimited flights, any time during the 30 days. for more details. >> >> now, your insta-weather- plus forecast with sandra shaw. >> we're still tracking heavy rains. we want to start off with our doppler. the heaviest rains are down near ocean city. there has been up to 6 inches of rain just offshore in the atlantic. in baltimore, around two inches. down around d.c., two two 3
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inches. this is all riding along a stalled front called boundary. we have this first line of heavy downpours that put traffic to waste all. here, again baltimore, it was very dicey. would have progressed to where we are now, and we have more rain is forthcoming. here are the totals, in excess of 1.5 inches. heavier rains around d.c.. there are the red pockets where we have seen the heaviest downpours. if there is a flood watch in effect through the night, and around the district, up through montgomery county as well. for our temperatures, we are very low. 71 downtown. 70 at the airport. 68 is the coolest reading. generally, the temperatures will stay in the low 70's. we might have a thunderstorm around by later this evening.
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on the bay, winds are of the northeast at five to 15 knots. we are well below the normal. that is different for us. 96 is the record. that is secure. the chance of showers and storms lenders to the night. that is why the flood watch is in effect. 67 in outlying areas. a lot of consistency with our temperatures, with general works 60's and 70's throughout. we have the stalled front which has led to all of this energy. with all the moisture in place, today is a washout. there might be a lingering activity early tomorrow, before we start to clear up. the high tomorrow is 85.
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90 degrees friday. a chance of storm saturday, the will left into sunday, with a high of 86. >> a national study shows more and more teenagers are suffering from hearing loss. experts want to say parents should listen to the warring record -- warning signs. >> 6.5 million american teenagers have some kind of hearing loss, a 30% increase of the last 15 years. >> i have been ipod, and i listen to add a lot. >> when she listens to music, she says she uses ear buds, and she is not alone. >> i only turn the volume up halfway. >> sometimes, higher. >> more and more teenagers have lost some of their hearing -- nearly one in five, according to a national study. >> the biggest message is once
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you lose your hearing, it is gone for ever occurred >> researchers determine the teenaged hearing problem has increased in recent years, a concern for parents pick >> you do not want them to lose their hearing before you. it diminishes as age goes. >> there is no hard evidence as to explain why. some suggest loud music through headphones could be to blame. even mild hearing loss could impact academic performance -- performance appeared . >> experts said the best thing you can do is turn down the volume. >> it might not just be selective hearing. all right. ladies, raise your glass to the smarter you. researchers found women who drink wine in moderation got higher scores on talk that the tests that occasional drinkers.
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they were tested regularly over a seven-year period. those who drank wine seven or more times over two weeks have higher scores. women who drank no alcohol had significantly lower cognitive performance. very interesting. up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and another check of the insta-weather-plus forec
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>> a comeback. coming up today, on early detection is often the best prevention -- the five medical tests no woman could afford to overlook later today on "oprah," one is a rhodes scholar, and another is a convicted murderer -- murder. they're both from the baltimore
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area. this is the ultimate twist of fate story. tonight, the race for baltimore state's attorney heats up. we lost have a preview of television help. now, you're maryland lottery, mid-de numbers. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> here with you on this what wednesday. let's play are picked three numbers. 6 7 5 675 your pick four is up next, but first, peck's -- pickup a cinema cash scratch off. you have a chance to win a trip to a movie premiere.
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now, bob diamond is all set for your pick four numbers. there are -- 3 5 5 9 3559 -- the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> any break in the rain? >> not really. there is another big batch to our west. the flood watch is in affect for the baltimore area through tonight. we will stay in the low 70's this afternoon. more heavy rains are possible through the evening hours. a slight chance early amara, and then 85 per and nice dry day, friday, but i caught one, up to 90.
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>> follow breaking news and weather any time action, and stay connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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